Outside of our day jobs, a small group of creatives teamed up for nonprofit ReWork Project to raise awareness of its mission to help Austin’s homeless community.

ReWork Project helps those struggling with homelessness find a path to permanent housing through the dignity of work. They provide hands-on training of various job and life skills through the making of handcrafted wood products.

We created a new brand and integrated campaign that included an interactive short film, website and social. Go to >>

The centerpiece of our campaign for ReWork Project is the interactive split screen film about a homeless person’s current situation — and what it could be. Viewers can slide a center divider to reveal each side of the story while original music and SFX change depending on which side is viewed.

If you’re viewing on a mobile device, click here for the demo.

The dual film highlights just how narrow the margin for hope can be for many homeless individuals.

With such a strong mission and purpose, ReWork Project was lacking the branding to match. We started by distilling what they do down to a simple premise – to provide opportunity for those facing homelessness and allow them to reshape their lives through work.

Image_rework_1THE LOGO
The repeating R symbolizes how ReWork allows people to continuously improve and reshape their lives.

IMAGE_rework__0015_rw9IMAGE_rework__0012_rw6 IMAGE_rework__0013_rw7


When we took on the project, ReWork barely had a web presence. So we began by learning their goals and how their business worked. Then we planned out the user experience and design of the site with the purpose of educating people on what ReWork does and giving users easy ways to get involved, donate money and purchase products on any device they viewed it on. Go to >>

We used social to help launch the rebrand and inform people of ReWork’s mission. Posts ranged from videos to stats and helped rally people inside and outside of Austin to get involved.


Here are some behind-the-scenes photos while the project was #InTheMaking

Skills Interactive Video, Rebrand, Web Design
Client ReWork Project